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Korea Day 1

Wedi cyrraedd Ulsan, De Korea ar ôl 26 awr o deithio!

Arrived in Ulsan, South Korea after a 26 hour journey from Cardiff. But we had a hang over some OB Beers and some chicken wings, which made us all feel a lot better.

Bus - plane - bus all the way to Ulsan in South East, South Korea.

It's great to meet Aditya at the airport - but we had some sad news just before we left - Vishal Nagar, our brilliant tabla player has trapped a nerve in his back, so he's unable to join us for these gigs. Gutted, and devastated - as is he, but we'll still play some great gigs as only Khamira can. Can't wait to perform at the Ulsan Jazz Festival tomorrow night.

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